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Planning Your Wedding

Planning your wedding day is one of the most exciting things that will ever happen to you.

As you plan your wedding, you will embark on a joyful and the most life altering event. Surely wedding day is a fantastic adventure at which you will make large and small decisions to create a one of a kind wedding tailored to your every want and need to delighting your guest totally.

Here i would list down all the important thing that you should get ready before your wedding day.

This is the most important thing what you should consider before you make the plan. You should know how much you want to spend on each details of your wedding. This is because you wouldn’t want to over spending or withdraw all the saving in your bank account. In some cases but not all, parents of the bride or groom might offer to sponsor for specific things. If the offer comes to you then it is most welcome as this can save and helps a lots in managing your budget.

Choose the theme which easy to plan and decorate. Everything should be consistent with theme. You must know what colour would you prefer for the table, ‘pelamin’, flowers, and the dress. It doesn’t have to be anything really specific but surely you want them to be match with what you have pictured in your mind.

Remember that you must have a discussion with your fiance on what size would both of you prefered and whether it would appropriate with your budget.

Do some survey on hall fees because some places would vary with another. As what i’ve stated above you mustn’t forget that you must follow the budget and did not go for too grand and expensive hall.

This can be your own flesh such as siblings, cousins, uncle and aunt. You might not need to pay them but maybe you can sponsor their clothes for their wearing on that particular day.

Set the date for your big day. The more earlier you decided the date the more easier for you to plan your event. This including the availability of your venue, friends and family. Think about who you must have at your wedding and try to set the date around them.

You have an options whether to create your own or go to a professional. If you choose to go to a professional please do some seach/servey. There’s plenty of option and professional that you can go about. Alternatively, if you are a creative person why not you create and design your own invitation cards and add some personal touch into it. Personalize your own wedding card doesn’t it sound interesting?

Once done, send them as early as possible for you to make schedule arrangements and table setting(should you do in a Hotel)

Start looking early, months before the wedding. This way you will have plenty of time to make selection and take care of fitting. In most religions it is essential for them to follow their traditions and some of them must have the mother of both the groom and bride comes to find the dress as well as the maid of honour. However, most of modern couple now days like to choose and make decision without family interference. For me myself as long as the event work perfectly and smoothly there is no issues at all.

This is what i love most. Couples might choose from diamond or gold as they like. And honestly this is a fun task to do together as the wedding ring symbolises your devotion to your partner. Some couples would get matching rings to show that they complete ano another’s soul.

Consider a professional for this special occasion and make sure that they are reliable so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting your wedding for years to come.

Please be extra careful when you choose your wedding photographer directly from Bridal House. If possible please ask to have meeting with the photographer personally. Please search in the internet and megazine and get the idea on which picture style you dream of.

Discuss with the photographer about your idea and what you hope for. You must make sure that the photographer understand what you want and they capable to do it. Don’t make assumption that the photographer can read your mind and know what you want. List down the details. Miscommunication can result distress and disputes at the end.

This is why you should hire Firdaus Majid Photography as your official wedding photographer as we believe that we can deliver the promise and quality to all our customers.

Find something that can please your guests and what you can afford. Consider on Pros and Cons of hiring a professional caterer as it wouldn’t be cheap and sometimes quite costly. Go for something that not too expensive but most people like.

Before make your decision, it’s best to have a tasting first. Look into a cake that would match your theme and please both the bride and groom.

Should you have extra budget maybe you would like to considering to hiring your own entertainer. Decide on a band or DJ because they not only played music but they also will keep the flow of the event, make announcements and plan all your special event with you. Each has it’s advantages and limitations. The entertainment is crucial and makes your wedding event one to be remembered!

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